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What if it's less about finding your purpose and more about letting your purpose unfold itself on your path?

  • Do you keep asking yourself "Is this really what I want to do"?
  • You feel like there is more to life and that you are not living your own full potential?
  • You feel lost or stuck and don't know what's the next aligned step?

Your inner guidance is your navigation system guiding you towards an aligned life where your purpose unfolds itself on its own.

Connecting back to your purpose is not as complicated or difficult as it seems.Let me show you how!

This workshop supports you in
  • discovering and seeing more of your uniqueness
  • deeper understanding your purpose
  • knowing how to live your life in connection to your purpose
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WelcomeSo happy to have you here!

I am Tessa, Psychologist (M.Sc.) and spiritual coach and I can’t wait to share this workshop with you because it can literally change the way you go through life and therefore also the life you are creating.

I have been living most of my life disconnected from my body, emotions and needs. I was just following what I thought would be the right path, without really allowing myself to question it or to go into another direction.

This adapted life with a perfect CV was not fulfilling me, I knew there was more to life so I did everything to reconnect to myself as well as finding my spiritual connection. Fast forward 5 years, I am now living in beautiful Lisbon and I feel so deeply connected to my soul and purpose. I am living a life that I could have never imagined before and I am so grateful for life and my inner guidance for leading me here.

Are you ready to be guided from within?