Connect to your heart & soul

Weekly MeditationWorkshop in Lisbon

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Connect to yourself on a deeper level

Join us for a weekly workshop with meditation to grow, evolve and to build a deeper connection to yourself and your truth

What to expect?

  • You learn more about yourself and receive coaching input around current challenges and different topics each week (e.g. self-acceptance, stress regulation, emotions, intuition)
  • We meditate together (~25 minutes)
  • we share and connect with each other

My intention is to bridge the gap between the spiritual/self-growth practice and everyday life because it sometimes can feel so hard to actually implement and change in our every day life.

You will learn how to

  • feel more balanced in your every day life
  • feel and regulate your emotions
  • connect to your intuition and get out of overthinking
  • prioritize your needs and what is important to you

This class is suitable for everyone who is willing to connect deeper to themself.

Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 6 – 7 PM | including meditation, coaching input and sharing in the group
Place: Little Yoga Space (Baixa, Lisbon)

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Due to the maximum capacity of the room it is necessary to sign up beforehand.

the facilitator

Tessa has lived most of her live in a very adapted way, studying and working a lot to achieve her high goals, being used to suppressing her emotions and needs without even realizing it.

One day she got a wake-up call in form of panic and anxiety that lead her to realizing that she had no idea what she really wanted, how to deeply feel and how to be herself without trying to please everyone else.

Diving deeply into meditation and into her own spiritual journey has helped her to connect back to herself. In her work she combines her psychological knowledge (M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology) with her spiritual experience (trained in meditation and energy work).

After working in a psychosomatic clinic for half a year, she became self-employed and has been guiding others for over two years now back to their connection with themselves, their emotions and their inner voice.



Meditation is a great tool to connect deeper to yourself, to learn how to feel and regulate your emotions, find deep relaxation and connect to your inner wisdom.

This class is not about the traditional mindfulness meditation as I guide you more actively into feeling your emotions, connecting to your intuition, deep relaxation and just finding a deeper connection to yourself. Every meditation will be different as you can also share topics with me in which you wish to be supported.

This class is for you, if you
- often feel stressed or overwhelmed in your every day life
- sometimes feel stuck in your head and wonder what your heart actually wants
-struggle prioritizing yourself and often feel exhausted as you put your work, relationship and friends before yourself

This group meditation in Lisbon is also about creating the possibility to build meaningful connections with one another.

Join us!

Come to support yourself in relaxing, connecting and loving yourself more deeply through meditation.

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