Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.

- Paulo Coelho

The 1:1 Coaching supports you in

  • moving through stuckness and processing what’s currently present and ready to be transformed
  • coming back to your heart and soul to feel what’s really aligned right now, which step is needed and into actually following that
  • processing and releasing emotions from your body instead of overthinking them
  • building a safe base within, while connecting back to your joy and cultivating a sense of home within

How the 1:1 Coaching works

  • At the beginning of each session, I guide you to connect to your body with somatic (body-based) practices to build a sense of safety and connection
  • We then dive deeper into a topic that’s currently present for you with psychological and spiritual coaching
  • When we have a better understanding of the topic, I use different modalities to guide you through the processing and healing of it (coaching, meditation, somatic work, embodiment exercises).
  • My work is body-based which means that I always guide you back to present emotions or sensations that are coming up. This is based on the innate intelligence of the body and the way that it brings up what is ready to be looked at and processed.
  • Depending on what we’ve been working on during the session, I share a practice or inquiry with you that you can use during the week to further integrate the process.

I am not here to heal you – but I am here to show you ways how to understand the actual topic that underlies your current problem and to guide you in healing it yourself

My approach

I believe that we all have an innate wisdom that wants to guide us into a nourishing and deeply fulfilling life (our heart, intuition or however you want to call it). Due to life experiences and the modern life style, we live so disconnected from our bodies, our innate wisdom and inner rhythm.

The key to healing is in my perspective in learning how to connect back to your body, to your emotions and to your soul. The body is so intelligently showing you in every moment what it needs and it surfaces what is ready to be processed.
In the 1:1 Coaching, we work with what’s naturally surfacing in your life and I guide you to navigate and hold yourself through the current topics and patterns with meditations, body-based practices, emotional release and with coaching – depending on what is needed.

More about my background

The 1:1 Coaching is NOT suited for you, if you're looking for...

  • psychotherapy or trauma-processing
    • My work is trauma-informed but I’m not a Psychotherapist nor specialized in processing or working through big traumas or PTSD
  • a pure talk-therapy or mind-focused approach
    • I integrate talking and fully understanding and analysing the topic in the sessions but a big part of the transformation that I’ll guide you through is going to happen in the body through meditations, somatic work or embodiment practices
    • One of my clients once put it like this: “I love that it is like a “talk-therapy/coaching” but whenever it’s needed, we go into the heart, into the subconscious and into the body.”

The 1:1 Coaching is a space for you to un-learn, de-condition, and heal while remembering that you already have everything inside of you to create a nourishing and fulfilling life: all the answers, courage, innate wisdom and inner compass

What my clients say

The process before starting the 1:1 Coaching

  • If you are interested in a single session, you can send me a message and we clarify possible questions. I’ll then send you all the payment information and a link to schedule your session
  • If you are interested in a longer 1:1 Guidance (6 weeks or 3 months), we start with a free 20-minute call
    • This call is about getting to know each other and you can directly book it on this website
    • I’ll be answering all your questions
    • After the call we decide if we want to commit to working together. It is important to me that we both feel a YES for this guidance as it is an intimate and deep space.

are you ready to follow your inner guidance and create your life from within?

Joyful Breakthrough

Your departure to you
  • 1:1 Session 60 minutes
  • perfect if you currently feel stuck + wish to find the next aligned step

Transformational Journey

Guidance for 3 months
  • 12 weekly individual sessions each 60 minutes
  • Support in your daily life via Telegram Mo-Fr
  • payment by installments possible

You feel a YES?

Choose an appointment and we can talk about how I can support you and see if we are a good fit.
I am looking forward to getting to know you!

schedule your free 20-minute call here

Disclaimer: Coaching does not replace a visit to the doctor or psychotherapy and serves as a complementary measure for health promotion. Coach is not responsible for any results as they depend on the commitment and the participation of the client. (For details see terms and conditions)