Life can be quite uncomfortable and challenging. What can carry you through these phases is a deeper feeling and knowing that you are guided, safe and held.

The place where you can always access this deeper knowing is: your heart.

How would your life look like if you spend more time in connection to your heart and acted from this centered and grounded place instead of wavering depending on the energy in the room or what's expected from you?

In this workshop you learn
  • a practice that brings you back home to yourself and leaves you feeling centered and connected
  • how you can start living your daily life more from this place and how to come back to it
  • practical tips to deepen your connection to your heart every day a little bit more

This workshop is filled with input, meditation and somatic practices.

Tuesday, April 30th
at 19:00 (Lisbon time) | 20:00 GMT
75-90 minutes
incl. replay (will be sent to you afterwards)