• Do you feel rather disconnected and lost right now?
  • There is a lot happening and you're not sure how to navigate through this: Which step or decision is even necessary? Should I wait or should I do something?
  • You long to connect to the deep wisdom of what is currently needed and right for you to do?
  • You desire to have some insights on what this chapter is about and what it asks from you moving forward?

Just like nature, you go through different seasons and that can sometimes feel very confusing, wrong and simply a lot.

Let yourself be guided through a process of realignment

In this workshop you
  • find out what this current chapter is about and what it requires from you
  • move out of resistance into acceptance and trust
  • learn when it is time to wait and when it is time to move
  • Get clear on the next aligned steps
  • Feel the connection to your heart again

This workshop is 2,5 hours and is filled with input, meditation, somatic practices and journaling.

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