A group coaching for the woman who
desires to live guided by her heart


Embark together with other women on a journey back to your heart and truth.
A group coaching that supports you in (re)aligning your life to what’s meant for you, to your inner rhythm and wisdom.

We are all on the same journey.
You’re not alone with your doubts, with your fears, with your questions about:

Is my mind or my heart speaking?
Am I avoiding something or is it really not the time to do something now?
I’d love to listen more to my intuition but how do I do that in my busy everyday life?
How can I feel these emotions without being overwhelmed or go into old patterns of suppressing them?
How can I set a boundary from my heart to make more space for myself and relationships that nourish me?

We’re not meant to go on this spiritual journey alone.
What if you had a group of women that you can weekly share with?
Sisters that have the same intention: To live guided from the inside instead of guided by society, expectations and “shoulds”.
Sisters that spark your fire and give you hope in times where you can’t feel it.
Sisters that shower you with love and hear you in your shame and in your joy.

A space where you can ask your questions
and are guided by me to find your answers within yourself.
A space where you are reminded again and again of your power and softness.
A space that supports you in following what lights your heart on fire and to leave behind what might make sense but leaves you feeling empty and depleted.

How GUIDED supports you

  • We meet weekly every Thursday evening for a 90-minute session LIVE on Zoom (everything will be recorded)
  • You have access to the GUIDED-Portal where all sessions and meditations are accessible (via App on your phone and a website on your computer)
  • We have a Whatsapp-Group to share in between sessions
  • Imagine a Mastermind mixed with a Women Circle - that's the idea of GUIDED

How GUIDED works

  • You can join until April 25th – afterwards the enrollment closes again until June
  • There are limited spots available (5 women max.)
  • In order to build a deep sisterhood, there is a starting commitment of staying 2 months inside of GUIDED - afterwards you can cancel every month
  • GUIDED doesn't have an end-date and is a long-term space that you can join as long as it aligns with you

Our sessions

We dive into any topic that comes up while allowing yourself to be guided deeper by your heart, like

  • what do I actually want? Is it time to act or to wait?
  • Moving through doubts and fears
  • setting boundaries to make space for your own truth and path
  • releasing and letting go
  • feeling emotions and processing them in a healthy way
  • balance between feminine (being, resting, flowing, receiving) and masculine energy (structure, action, presence)

The sessions are 90 minutes filled with Meditations, time to dive into individual topics with input and coaching (like 1:1 coaching but in a group – we’re all on the same journey and someone may ask something that you didn’t even know, you needed to hear) and sharing.

Once every month, we have a so-called realignment session. This session is more structured than the others and you’ll be guided through a check-in to discover what’s aligned or no longer aligned with your heart.

All other sessions are open to dive into any topic that is present in the group so we can move through it together.

GUIDED incorporates coaching, meditation, somatic work, embodiment and energy work.

Feel into your body and allow your intuition to tell you if it’s a YES (excitement, energy arising, you keep thinking about it, maybe also some fear/ nervousness present, … ) or a NO to join GUIDED

GUIDED is a long-term space and doesn’t have an end-date.

It’s meant to support you on your journey with all questions, obstacles, and phases that are part of it.
You can stay as long as it feels good for you!


111€per month
  • weekly group coaching sessions (90 minutes)
  • access to all recordings + meditations
  • commitment for 2 months (until June 25th)
  • afterwards possible to cancel every month


The LIVE Workshops (90 minutes) take place via Zoom every week on Thursday evenings at 19:00 – 20:30 GMT (Portuguese time).

Every LIVE Workshop is going to be recorded and uploaded to the online platform (accessible via Website and App). I would still recommend you to join most of the calls live as this is how you’ll get the most out of it.

In order to build a deep sisterhood, there is a starting commitment of 2 months inside of GUIDED (until June 25th). Afterwards you can cancel every month.

In case you completely dislike it, it is possible to cancel earlier. This commitment is not meant to keep you in a space, that doesn’t resonate with you any more.

In case of any questions, feel free to send me a message in Instagram or via mail to hallo@joyful-transformation.de

If you’d like to be guided towards finding your answer (if it’s a yes or a no), you can book a free 20-minute call with me here:

! This is NOT a sales-call but a genuine offer to find an aligned answer. I only desire women to join GUIDED who feel deeply called to it and whose soul is ready to embark on this journey. I appreciate every NO in the same way as a YES as this is your truth and nothing is more important than that.

You can access the portal with all recordings + meditations as long as you’re part of GUIDED. You lose access when you cancel your subscription to GUIDED.