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How to connect to your intuition

learn to listen to your inner navigation system that tells you exactly how to decide and which steps are bringing you closer to your dreams

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Your intuition is your navigation system guiding you towards your hearts deepest desires

  • you sometimes stuggle knowing what you really want?
  • you have difficulties taking decisions and you keep thinking about all the pros and cons?
  • you are not sure if you are following the path of your heart?

What if I give you the exact steps you can take to get back into the connection to your intuitionand additionally guide you into actually feeling that connectionso you can start creating your aligned life TODAY?

This workshop supports you in
  • knowing when your inner wisdom is speaking and when it is your head so you discover what you truly want
  • feeling more relaxed and trusting in your every day life
  • getting out of your head and turning down the volume of your thoughts
  • finding answers and clarity and knowing which steps to take next by opening up the channel to your intuition
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WelcomeSo happy to have you here!

I am Tessa, Psychologist (M.Sc.) and spiritual coach and I can’t wait to share this workshop with you because it can literally change the way you go through life and therefore also the life you are creating.

You might struggle to connect deeply to yourself, not really knowing what you really want and what your head tells you, trying to make everyone around you happy while you ask yourself, what is actually making me happy? What do I actually need?
I know this so well because I have been there – living most of my life disconnected from my body, emotions and needs. I was just following what I thought would be the right path, without really allowing myself to question it or to go into another direction.

Until a certain point in my life, when I felt overwhelmed with fear and panic and I needed to change. I needed to heal. Fast forward 5 years, I am now living in beautiful Lisbon and I feel deeply blessed for being able to guide others online and offline in finding back to themselves and their own path as well.

Are you ready to be guided from within?